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Weeky 3 Water: Hoover, Salton & Watson (not a law firm)

Hoooooooooooover! Hot Dam!

Seventy-five years ago today under a 102-degree sun, President Roosevelt dedicated Hoover Dam.  Former president Hoover was not invited to the ceremony.  Since then, the dam’s 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete have controlled flooding, generated untold megawatts of power, and helped manage water supply in the West.   The birthday did not go unnoticed by the media – first sensational stories about how the drought might end Hoover’s power production soon (later clarified when someone realized water could be released from upstream dams), and eventually articles giving a great dam its due.

Read the New York Times on the pending power crisis

Discover Discover Magazine recognizing that Lake Powell’s got water

And a “Hoorah for the dam!” piece in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Meanwhile, Downstream

The water flowing from Hoover, down to Parker Dam and through the Colorado Aqueduct was in the news this week, too.  More specifically, the lack of it.  Out of San Diego County, there came heartbreaking news that avocado growers were giving up due to unreliable supplies (Holy Guacamole!), and a legal battle is waging over groundwater pumping.  A little further east, Metropolitan Water District and Imperial Irrigation District are spatting over IID’s planned diversion of 41,250 AF of Colorado River water to the Salton Sea.

Read the North County Times about the avocado growers here

Read about the San Diego/Sweetwater groundwater spat here

And here’s the Imperial Valley Press on the MWD/IID spat

Opposition to Fluoride is Decaying

In this day of perfectly straight pearly whites, it’s hard to imagine that dental disease was once a major cause of death in America. We’re having trouble thinking up a lousier way to die.  That’s changed, thanks to Crest (invented at Laer’s alma mater!), floss, and most importantly, fluoridated drinking water.  This week, the Centers for Disease Control announced fluoridation in the U.S. has reached a 65-year high … and the town of Watsonville finally agreed to fluoridate its water, becoming the first town in Santa Cruz County to do so.

Read the CDC announcement here

Read about Watsonville’s decision here

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