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Weekly 3: Water industry

Every day, we scour the media, blogs and social media to track news and trends in water. You’ll find the three biggest stories of the week here every Friday, or you can follow LPAWater on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news and analysis.

#1 – It’s all dinosaur pee anyway

The public has long supported irrigating with recycled wastewater, but we’re thrilled to see growing acceptance of the re-use of wastewater for potable purposes.  Call it what you will, but “potable reuse” or “toilet-to-tap” has long been a political third rail in San Diego. That’s changed, as the first story below tells how that city is moving toward becoming the first in California to use treated wastewater to augment its reservoirs.  The second discusses a big expansion of the Santa Clarita Valley’s wastewater-to-irrigation infrastructure.

Read the San Diego News Room story here

Read the Santa Clarita Signal story here

#2 – “The liberation of science” or “Not a useful resource?”

On Tuesday, the State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously to accept its staff recommendation for flow levels needed to ensure a healthy Sacramento Delta. The language of the report is highly conditioned, but environmentalists quickly cheered it nonetheless, since if implemented, it would cause massive further curtailments of water exports to farm and urban water users.  More thoughtful folk pondered both its applicability and its potential impacts.  The top link below will take you to a well-balanced news article that followed the announcement.

Read the Mercury News article here

Read the full staff report here

Read the ACWA comment letter here

#3 – Suckling sucks up to the sucker

Kieran Suckling, founder of the Center for Biological Diversity, once admitted that his group’s ultimate goal was to force the West to radically rethink its use of water, using the Endangered Species Act as a club.  He’s doing just that by using the Santa Ana sucker – a three-inch fish, just like the Delta smelt – to push for more flow from Seven Oaks Dam.  Water districts – and Congressman Jerry Lewis – say that would be a multi-billion-dollar disaster, since it would reduce our ability to manage flows in order to maximize groundwater basin recharge.

Read Lewis’ email here (scroll down)

Read the Center’s propaganda here

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