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Weekly 3 Land: Spited noses, golden gambles and more

What are the three biggest stories each week in the world of California land development?  You’ll find them right here, or follow LP&A all week long on Twitter at @LPALand for up-to-the-minute news and analysis.  You can also sign up to receive the Weekly 3 via email here. This week:

1. What’s That About Noses and Faces and Spite?

There’s AB32, SB375 and a whole host of other regulations designed to coerce developers onto the green bandwagon. Some moves in that direction are wholly embraced by the building community, primarily because they’re market-driven solutions that provide tangible benefits.  Like smart energy and water meters that help homeowners better manage their consumption and reduce utility bills.  So why is the evergreen County of Santa Cruz moving to ban the technology? It’s afraid the wireless signal the boxes transmit – similar to cell phones – poses health risks.  Builders beware.

Read the Santa Cruz Sentinel article here

2. The Golden State Gamble

A recent study of economic and real estate trends by PMI Mortgage Insurance finds seven of the nation’s 20 riskiest housing markets right here in California.  But remember, we’re the Golden State for a reason.  Despite a burdensome business climate, our weather, amazing landscapes and enduring sense of promise keep most folks from moving away and still attract newbies.  California certainly has what it takes to return to greatness – but the pendulum needs to swing away from over-regulation and eco-hypersensitivity if California dreamin’ is to continue paying off.

Read the PMI report here

3. The Rundown on Runoff

It doesn’t often rain in California, but developers have become keenly aware that when it does, what flows off your developed and undeveloped properties is more than just water – it can be your profits as well, in the form of hefty fines.  The agency that manages quantity and quality of stormwater runoff for one of the state’s most development-prime regions just welcomed a new level-headed board member.  Linda Ackerman has been appointed to the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board, which oversees most of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Read the press release here

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