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Water Weekly 3: Truncated – The Weekly Two

What were the three biggest California water stories of the past seven days?  Well, the news-heads and policy wonks here at Laer Pearce & Associates have compiled them for you here.  You’ll find the Big Three here every week, or you can follow LPAWater on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news and analysis. You can also sign up to receive the Weekly 3 via email here.  This week:

“Results-Based Science” Update

We’ve written before about Judge Wanger’s shellacking of two federal scientists who he thought were more interested in achieving pre-determined results than pursuing good science.  The issue is not going away, as Republicans seeking to dial back federal regulation have pounced on the case as an emerging cause célèbre, and the feds are standing by their science … and scientists. Wow! Could this become an HBO miniseries?

“100% behind them” – read about it here

“Investigate ‘em!” – read about it here

BTW, a Supreme Court appeal was filed on Delta smelt

Meanwhile, Also on the Fed Effrontery Front

We like themes at the Weekly 3 (or 2), so let’s take another look at federal scientists who may just be misbehaving.  We have to go no further south of the Delta than Linden CA, where farmer Kenny Watkins was busted … for planting hay in a pasture!  Seems federal eco-crats told him he couldn’t switch from grazing to hay, citing the Clean Water Act and concerns about runoff reaching the San Joaquin River.  “Our worst fears are being realized,” Watkins said. We agree. If he fouls the river, nail him, but until then, hands off!

Read it and weep (and not from hay fever!) here

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