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Water Weekly 3: Responding to the Disaster in Japan

What were the three biggest California water stories of the past seven days?  Well, the news-heads and policy wonks here at Laer Pearce & Associates have compiled them for you here.  You’ll find the Big Three here every Thursday, or you can follow LPAWater on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news and analysis. You can also sign up to receive the Weekly 3 via email here.  This week:

Japan’s Crumbled Water Infrastructure

Lost in the deluge of bad news following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor problems in Japan is any news on the state of water infrastructure in the country’s devastated Northeast.  Finally, we’re getting some indication of the extent of damage, and as expected, it’s not good:  Up to 2.5 million homes are without water, there are miles of destroyed water lines, lots of damaged facilities and no power for pumps and treatment plants.  Please add all that to your prayers for Japan.

Read Circle of Blue’s report here

Read Bloomberg’s report here

From Japan Water Works Association

The Japan Water Works Association, sister organization to our American Water Works Association, is responding to the disaster.  While it’s probable some members lost their lives in the catastrophes, the Association’s leaders all survived and now are hard at work developing strategies for both emergency supplies and long-term reconstruction.  Under JWWA leadership, more than 300 water trucks are on their way to the impact zone.

Read a JWWA update on the AWWA homepage

Read AWWA’s statement here

Let the Relief Pour In

The Japanese Red Cross reportedly has over two million registered volunteers, but even so, they and other Japanese relief agencies will need our help.  Until more specific needs are identified, donating cash to organizations that have existing relationships with Japanese relief groups is the best idea.  InterAction, America’s largest alliance of international relief non-profits, has posted a list of 29 reputable groups that are ready to get your contributions to where they’re most needed as quickly as possible.

Here’s InterAction’s Japan contribution page

Read an InterAction NY Times op/ed on how best to give

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