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Water Weekly 3: Mixed Messages

What were the three biggest California water stories of the past seven days?  Well, the news-heads and policy wonks here at Laer Pearce & Associates have compiled them for you here.  You’ll find the Big Three here every week, or you can follow LPAWater on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news and analysis. You can also sign up to receive the Weekly 3 via email here.  This week:

Good Judge/Bad Judge

This week we saw one brilliant judge and one judge who obviously is suffering from Marin-think-itis.  Let’s start with Judge Lynn Duryee of Marin Superior Court, who shot down the Marin Municipal Water District’s desal plant EIR with this gem: “Conservation costs nothing.” Yeah, but does it provide enough water for your county, Lynn, ol’ gal? We don’t think so… not that it matters if you get to bang a gavel.  Then there was good ol’ Judge Wanger who was spot-on in deciding the longstanding Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority v. Interior case, declaring if it falls in California, it’s California’s water, Bub, not your water.

Catch Marin-think-itis through this newspaper account

Or, if you must, read Duryee’s entire decision

Here’s an account of Judge Wanger’s un-wrangling of Tahoma-Colusa

Heck, this decision even hit the big time in Iowa!

Power To The People! No, Wait A Minute!

File this in your “John Kerry was for the war before he was against it” file. Or is it the other way around? Seems so long ago ….  Anyway, the folks of the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District (USGVMWD for short?) announced Monday Anthony Fellow was out as their MWD rep and they thought it would be cool to send some Joe Citizen to Met instead. Then, on Tuesday, we got the “Oh, never mind,” as Ed Chavez – who came up with the citizen rep idea – was named their Met rep. Obvious PR lessons and red-faced embarrassment aside, congrats Ed!

Here’s the “Power to the people” story

And here’s the “No, wait a minute” story

You’re Irrational! Am Not! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT!

Once you understand it’s all dinosaur pee anyway, you sympathize with recycled water boosters when they lament the irrationality of those who turn pale green and shrill at any mention of … well, toilet-to-tap. Now we find out it’s not irrationality, it’s psychological contagion, the idea that once something touches something else, they’re forever linked. Armed with this, researchers tried to sway people’s thinking about … well, flush-to-brush. The result: “It is quite difficult to get the cognitive sewage out of the water, even after the real sewage is gone.”  Sigh.

Read NPR’s “Why Cleaned Wastewater Stays Dirty In Our Minds”

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