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The Weekly 3: Land Development

What are the three biggest stories each week in the world of California land development?  You’ll find them right here each Monday, or follow LP&A all week long on Twitter at @LPALand for up-to-the-minute news and analysis.  This week:

1. Is Developing Alameda Point worth the hassle?

Alameda Point - What Could Have Been

The city of Alameda voted last week to terminate an exclusive negotiating agreement with SunCal for development of the city’s former Navy base, which closed 15 years ago.  SunCal invested nearly $15 million during its four-year process, but was stymied by ever-changing political winds, a city staff with personal agendas and a public that’s not happy without a fight on its hands.  SunCal came on board in 2006 after a partnership of Shea and Catellus got fed up and walked away, which begs the question:  Is developing Alameda Point worth the hassle?  >>Read More

2. Center for Biological Diversity finds new fish species to continue its quest to stop ALL development.

The Center for Biological Diversity makes no bones that it will stop at nothing to protect our planet’s various plant and animal species from the destructive forces of human existence.  We’ve seen how it exploited the Delta smelt to further its cause, and now this group of fringe environmental extremists is looking to the Santa Ana sucker as its weapon du jour to stop Southern California growth.  If your future SoCal residents plan to drink the wet stuff, this is something to keep a close eye on. >>Read More

3. California Coastal Commission to regulate drawing in the sand.  What’s next?

Talk about a nanny state.  LP&A worked in the 90s to defeat the California Coastal Commission’s attempt to creep its regulatory powers further inland, but this unelected board just won’t stop until it rules the world.  It is now considering new regulations to prohibit folks from drawing in the sand, on the grounds that it limits public access.  Don’t think your kids’ sandcastles or, more importantly, your next project isn’t within its crosshairs.  >>Read More

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