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The Weekly 3: Land Development

August 2, 2010

What are the three biggest stories each week in the world of California land development?  You’ll find them right here each Monday, or follow LP&A all week long on Twitter at @LPALand for up-to-the-minute news and analysis.  This week:

What could you do with this raw land?

1. Builders beginning to buy raw land with eye on market turnaround.

Standard Pacific CEO Ken Campbell made the news recently when he predicted a 2014 housing comeback and said he’s buying raw land in a big way.  That’s a sure sign the supply of already-approved lots is drying up … and it also means there will be a new wave of activism from the environmentalist/NIMBY cabal.  New legislation and policy have prioritized infill development and attempted to make greenfield development neighborhood non grata in California.  That will make entitlement a challenge … but one with great potential financial upsides for those who purchase wisely.

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Does this look like your NIMBY?

2. U.S. Chamber finds NIMBYs cost energy projects billions.  Think what they cost the building industry.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce execs testified recently before a joint meeting of the Senate and House Western Caucuses that ‘Not In My Back Yard’ activists have abused permitting processes to block 381 critical energy projects.  “They have organized local opposition, changed zoning laws, opposed permits, filed lawsuits, and bled projects dry of their financing. It’s like an anchor on economic growth and job creation.”  The Chamber estimates the cost of this NIMBY activism at $560 billion and the loss of 250,000 jobs nationwide.  Just think what their antics have cost the building industry in recent years.  Don’t let your well-planned project become their next statistic.  >> Read More

Blue waves or red tape?

3. New regulatory overlay?  Malibu named first World Surfing Preserve with help from CA Coastal Commission.

And you thought that local approvals, Coastal Commission permits and the current maze of regulatory oversight was surely enough to protect California’s coastline from the evils of new development.  Well there soon may be one more tier to this regulatory seven-layer dip. The Save the Whales Coalition and the International Surfing Association will declare Malibu the first World Surfing Preserve in October – with the help of the California Coastal Commission.  A Local Stewardship Council, made up of community members intimately familiar with and dedicated to surfing at Malibu, will be responsible for implementing the stewardship plan to protect Malibu’s environmental, cultural, social and economic benefits.  These zones are bound to grow, along with the red tape. >> Read More

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