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The Water Weekly 3: Goop, Poop and Puffery

What were the three biggest California water stories of the past seven days?  Well, the news-heads and policy wonks here at Laer Pearce & Associates have compiled them for you here.  You’ll find the Big Three here every Thursday, or you can follow LPAWater on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news and analysis. You can also sign up to receive the Weekly 3 via email here. This week:

Cleaning up Sacramento

It’s an old trick – bury a story by releasing it late Friday before a holiday – but it didn’t work, as the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s much too delayed dealing with the Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District still got noticed.  Ammonia from Sacramento’s sewage pollutes the Delta, contributing to declining fish populations, yet the goop and poop get only primitive primary treatment.   The order sets change in motion, but expect Sacramento to fight it or ask the rest of the state to pay to clean up their … problem.

Read the Sacramento Bee story here

ACWA’s feeling pretty good

With all the focus on the Legislature’s inability to birth a budget, many may not have noticed that our elected officials in Sacramento actually were in session, drafting, considering and passing bills. So, from a water perspective, was the year all wet? Hardly! In an email sent Tuesday, the Association of California Water Agencies declared, “By every measure, ACWA’s legislative efforts in the 2009-2010 legislative session was [sic] a success.”  Finding the information on-line proved to be not so successful, so if you want a copy, email Laer at

Environmentalists are feeling pretty bad

We’re reading an excellent article about how the environmental movement turned liberals from their historic optimism to their current anti-progress stands. The thesis was born out by this week’s news from the environmental front:  Two salvos against itty-bitty amounts of ick in water (short on proof, but high on puffery),  environmental groups fighting a very green hydroelectric plant, and still more lawsuits, this time against Delta pumping and against groundwater banking.

See the Natural News article on atrazine in water here

See the UC article on dairy antibiotics in water here

Read about the hydroelectric plant fight here

Read ACWA on the Delta pumping lawsuit here

And here’s the Fresno Bee water bank lawsuit article

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