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The One Where the Man Bites the Dog, and the Dog Isn’t Very Happy About It

Dogs bite men all the time.  That’s why headlines like “Man Bites Dog” tend to grab readers’ attention.  In today’s anti-everything society, that rabid dog often takes the form of fringe environmentalists, and Californians have grown numb to their vicious gnawing (er, brainwashing) of unsuspecting students.  So we yawned when we heard a high school teacher in uber-green Malibu had his ninth-grade class write letters to the California Coastal Commission regarding a controversial proposal to light the school’s football field, which opponents say will scare away critters.

But then our ears perked up.  The teacher advised the students to research the topic, come to their own conclusions, and write a letter opposing the lights or…sit ubu sit…a letter supporting the proposal.  Imagine that.  Here’s the assignment.

From the LA Times:

“The teacher saw the lighting issue as one directly relevant to students and thus appropriate for students to learn how their voice can be heard,” the school’s principal said. “The fact that this issue is relevant to students only enhances motivation. It is reasonable that our students, who are affected by decisions regarding lights, be afforded the opportunity to lend their voice to the discussion.”

…The assignment, he said, was for students to write a business letter, but students can write a letter objecting to the lighting plan if they don’t support it.

We couldn’t agree more.  Today’s youth need to be taught there’s more to public participation than playing online video games against strangers in far away towns.  And it’s refreshing that students in Malibu are learning this lesson the right way – with objectivity, not by being spoon-fed green Kool-Aid.

But don’t let the fair-minded efforts of one teacher get you too warm and fuzzy.  The greeny Malibu parents are none too thrilled that both sides of the issue are being taught.  Heaven forbid their children learn how to form their own opinions.  And they won’t even need a tetanus shot.

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