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Water Weekly 3: Groundhog Day and Underground Ways

DNA and Groundhogs

MWD and the San Diego County Water Authority are at it again. The latest mega-kerfuffle blew up when SDCWA sued MWD over its new rate structure, then challenged items in the MWD budget, calling them unnecessary, especially given the rate increase.  The San Diego Union Trib followed with an inflammatory editorial, “MWD: Arrogance is in the water giant’s DNA.”  MWD fired back with an op/ed by Jeff Kightlinger justifying the expenses, calling out SDCWA for the cost of the lawsuit, and filing the whole thing in the “Southern California’s water version of the movie Groundhog Day” file. (more…)

Are your conservation messages in line with today’s decision?

I’m here at the highly anticipated board meeting of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, where they just decided to declare a “Water Supply Allocation Plan Level 2.” This means Met will reduce deliveries to member agencies by 10 percent beginning July 1.

You can hear a collective sigh across the Southland, because this represents a considerable improvement over what water wholesalers and retailers in Met’s service area were anticipating just one month ago.

What Does This Mean For Your Conservation Message and Outreach?