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It’s Fish v. Humans, with a Little Twitter on the Side

Re-cap from the MWDOC Water Policy Forum

Future reliability of water supplied from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is top-of-mind for water wonks across the state.  At the Municipal Water District of Orange County’s (MWDOC) Water Policy Forum and Dinner last month, the topic was the center of keynote speaker Gregory Wilkinson’s remarks.  Wilkinson, a lawyer who specializes in water allocation cases, warns that the feds aren’t budging from their stance that puts the needs of the Delta Smelt above the water needs of millions of Californians, but water agencies aren’t giving up on alternatives that help both fish and people.

Laer attended the dinner with iPhone in hand to live-tweet Wilkinson’s remarks.  Those tweets have been packaged as an article in the current issue of MWDOC’s E-currents newsletter, which can be read in its entirely here.